2 axis PSD
The PSD (Position Sensing Device) which is built-in to the detector unit can determine the position in either 1 or 2 dimensions (axes). Call it X/Y, or Horizontal/Vertical if you want. Depending on application, a 2 axis systems will obviously give you more alignment possibilities. This system comes with a 2 axis PSD.

5 Programs
Easy-Laser® measurement and alignment systems comes with a wide range of application programs (apps). What you can measure is always a combination of apps, lasers, detectors and brackets. This system has 5 apps included. Learn more on Features tab.

20m/66' distance
The different Easy-Laser® laser transmitters are designed for optimum measurement result. Therefore they have different maximum measurement range. The range is also depending on the detector used.
This system (or transmitter) will allow you to measure at a range of 20m/66'.

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating system determines the level of protection against solid objects and liquids for a device. The larger the value of each digit, the greater the protection. IP66 - Ingress of solid objects: Totally protected against dust ingress. Ingress of liquids: Protected against high pressure water jets from any direction. Limited ingress permitted. 3 minutes, 100 l/min., 100 kPa water pressure from 3 m distance.

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating system determines the level of protection against solid objects and liquids for a device. The larger the value of each digit, the greater the protection. IP67 - Ingress of solid objects: Totally protected against dust ingress. Ingress of liquids: Protected against short periods of immersion in water. 30 minutes, 1 m.

Easy-Laser® XT770 is the most powerful of our Generation XT alignment systems. The 360° Live feature gives you even more possibilities to perform advanced adjustments. With XT770 you can carry out the following:

  • Align the machine
  • Check base twist
  • Check bearing play
  • Check soft foot
  • Measure machine movement over time
  • Document and share the results

The complete alignment system

With Easy-Laser XT770 you can perform shaft alignment of horizontal and vertically/flange mounted machines, but also align machine trains, measure twist of foundation, soft foot, bearing clearance, and more. The EasyTrend program allows you to keep track of machine movement over time. That is useful when checking for thermal expansion and pipe strain issues for example.

2 axis PSDs (position sensitive detectors) permit adjustment of your machine both vertically and horizontally at the same time, with measuring units in any position. We call it 360° Live adjustment. With the XT770 you have a choice of several different measurement methods, e.g. continuous sweep and multipoint. This gives you the flexibility you need to achieve the perfect measurement result.

Easy-Laser XT measuring units and display unit are shockproof and rated both IP66 and IP67 water and dust proof. Along with long operating times, this guarantees you will be able to take on and finish even the toughest jobs. 


Use the rugged Easy-Laser XT11 display unit, or install the free XT Alignment app on your iOS or Android device*. The intuitive user interface guides you through the measurement process.

Unique documentation possibilities 

The XT11 display unit has a 13MP camera. You can also get the XT11 display unit with a built-in IR camera.** This means you can add a thermal image of the machine before and after alignment. You can easily create and share a PDF report containing all measurement data and images.

Geometric measurements kit

With this kit added to your XT770, using the Values program, you will be able to take flatness and straightness measurements with the highest reliability and precision. The kit includes the very versatile and long proven laser transmitter D22 plus geo brackets. 

Click here for list of compatible devices
** IR Camera is optional



  • Continuous sweep and Multipoint measurement
  • 360 Live adjustment
  • EasyTrend
  • Rugged design
  • Long operating times
  • Unique documentation possibilities
system parts  


Rugged, robust, rubber coated design. IP66 and 67, dust- water- and shockproof. As standard a 13 MP camera for documentation is built-in*, and you can also choose to add an IR camera to the XT11.



A large 8", glove enabled touch-screen makes the information clear and the app easy to use. The small OLED display shows battery status of both measuring units and display unit. You can check battery status also when the unit is turned off. The clever lock-screen button prevents unintentional clicks, for instance when moving between work positions.
*The camera can be removed if security reasons require.



  • Robust, rubber coated design, IP66/67.
  • Large 8” glove enabled touch-screen.
  • Screen-lock button.
  • OLED display shows the battery status.
  • IR Camera for thermal images (optional).
  • 16 hours operating time.
image description
  1. OLED display
  2. Display brightness sensor
  3. Large and clear 8" glove enabled touch screen
  4. Dust cover for connectors
  5. Enter button
  6. Screen-lock button/Battery status-check button
  7. Ergonomic, rubber coated housing
image description
  1. 13 MP camera
  2. IR camera (optional)
  3. LED light
image description
  1. Charger
  2. USB A
  3. AV connector
  4. USB B

Measuring units XT70-M / XT70-S

The XT70 measuring units utilize dot-type laser and 2-axis square PSD surfaces. A state-of-the-art OLED display shows the angle of the unit, making it easier to position it on the shaft.


The diagonally positioned fastening screws set the unit in a grid-lock on the rods. Rigid aluminium housing for maximum stability. IP66 and 67, dust- water- and shockproof. Heavy-duty battery for very long operating times. Built-in wireless technology.


  • Built-in wireless technology. Integrated rechargeable battery. 
  • TruePSD technology with unlimited resolution for greatest accuracy.
  • Dual laser beams and PSDs.
  • Sturdy aluminium body. IP66/67 design.
  • OLED display shows the angle of the unit 
  • Slideable target
  • 24 hours operating time
image description
  1. Laser angle adjustment
  2. Charger connector
  3. Locking knob
  4. Slidable target/dust cover
  5. OLED display: battery status/unit angle
  6. Extendable stainless steel rods
  7. Chain tightening knob
  8. PSD aperture
  9. Laser aperture


All XT770 shaft systems include:
  • 1 Measuring unit XT70-M
  • 1 Measuring unit XT70-S
  • 2 Shaft brackets with chains and rods 120 mm [4.72"]
  • 4 Rods 60 mm [2.36"]
  • 4 Rods 120 mm [4.72"]
  • 2 Magnes bases
  • 2 Offset brackets
  • 2 Extension chain 900 mm [35.4"]
  • 1 Measuring tape 3 m [9.8']
  • 1 Hexagon wrench set
  • 1 Charger (100–240 V AC)
  • 1 DC split cable for charging
  • 1 DC to USB adapter, for charging
  • 1 Quick reference manual
  • 1 Cleaning cloth for optics
  • 1 USB memory with manuals
  • 1 Documentation folder
  • 1 Carrying case Large
XT770 also includes, depending on system:
  • 1 Display unit XT11
  • 1 Shoulder strap for display unit


XT Geometric kit
  • 1 Laser transmitter D22
  • 1 Magnet base with turnable head (replaces one of the regular magnet bases)
  • 4 Rods 120 mm [4.72”]
technical data  

Technical Data

Display Unit

Type of display/size
VGA 8” colour screen, backlit LED, multitouch
Internal battery (fixed)
Heavy duty Li Ion chargeable
USB A, USB B, Charger, AV
Operating temperature
-10–50 °C
Storage temperature
-20–50 °C
Wireless technology, WiFi
Relative humidity
OLED display
96x96 pixels
13 Mp, with diode lamp
IR camera (optional)
FLIR LEPTON® (0–450 °C, 32–842 °F)
Help functions
Built-in manual
Environmental protection
IP class 66 and 67
Housing material
WxHxD: 274x190x44 mm [10.8x7.5x1.7”]
Weight (without batteries)
1450 g [51.1 oz]
Operating time
Up to 16 h continuously

Measuring Units

XT70-M / XT70-S
BT wireless technology
Type of detector
2 axis TruePSD 20x20 mm [0.79x0.79"]
0.001 mm [0.05 mils]
Measuring errors
Measurement range
Up to 20 m [66 feet]
Type of laser
Diode laser
Laser wavelength
635–670 nm
Laser class
Safety class 2
Laser output
<1 mW
Electronic inclinometer
0.1° resolution
Environmental protection
IP class 66 and 67
Operating temperature
-10–50 °C
Storage temperature
-20–50 °C
Relative humidity
Housing material
Anodized aluminium + PC/ABS + TPE
WxHxD: 76x76.7x45.9 mm [3.0x3.0x1.8"]
272 g [9.6 oz]
OLED display
128x64 pixels
Operating time
Up to 24 h continuously


You can find product brochures and manuals in pdf format here. They contain further information about our products. For software, see Lifecycle support > Software download.


XT Series Manual


Product Catalogue
Product Overview
XT770 brochure


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